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National Park Aggtelek (118 km)

National Park Aggtelek (UNESCO World Heritage), is situated near to the border of Slovakia, in the North of Hungary. It is a big karst(Wat is dat?) area and is a part of the southern Karpaten (don’t know the translation of Karpaten?) limestone foothills. The scenery entails of impressive rock formations, wide karst plateau’s, valleys with watercourses, karst sources, caves and dolines. Dolines are also known as geological organ pipes, which are zinc holes that are formed because of limestone that dissolved with water in karst sceneries. The Baradla-cave in Aggtelek is one of the biggest stalactites and stalagmites caves in Europe. Scientists see these caves as one of the most impressive geological places in the world. The route in Hungary is 17km. In the caves there is an underground river, (is rotshallen een woord?) impressive rocks and massive stalactites and stalagmites.