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Miskolc (73 km)

Miskolc is the third city of the country and, besides its industrial background, is known for its rich history and cultural treasures. For instance, the historical city centre and its city hall, museums, and beautiful historical buildings. The biggest iconostasis in central Europe is situated here in the Greek-Orthodox Church. This 16m high iconostasis displays 88 images from the life of Jesus. Despite the industrial appearance, Miskolc has an atmospheric centre. On every street corner you can find terraces. These are amazing places to grab a cappuccino or an ice-cream. One of the attractions in Miskolc is the Dios Gyori castle that is renovated in 2014 and is definitely worth a visit. During summer, there are regular jousting events, which include heavy fighting, either by horse with a lance, or by food with a sword. You could visit these events daily in summer. Besides this, there is a small railway (14KM), which brings you to:
  • The Diós Györi stronghold
  • A trout farm
  • The Hamori lake and Hotel Palota
  • The old smelter in Ujmassa