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Eger (47 km)

Eger is located in a valley surrounded by gently rolling hills with vineyards. It is famous for its glorious past because of the wars against the Turks in the late 16th Century. The legend of Ergi Bikaver says that during the siege of the city, women mixed the Eger’s bull’s blood with wine from the defenders, so that strength and willingness to fight would increase. This legendary bull’s blood wine is still purchasable. Eger is one of the most alluring towns in Hungary with a beautiful historical centre. 175 buildings are listed as monuments and you can find one on every corner of every street. A perfect place to explore on foot, since traffic is forbidden in certain parts. After a 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre you will find the Beautiful Women Dal. Here are several wine cellars where you can taste and buy fine wines. Eger is known as the most beautiful baroque city of Hungary and is certainly worthwhile to explore.