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Debrecen (84 km)

Debrecen, the ‘’ Calvinist Rome’’ or Hungarian Geneva’’ is situated on the edge of the Hortobagy puszta. It is the second largest city of Hungary and was even temporarily the capital during the Hungarian struggle for independence against Austria. Despite the large population, Debrecen has managed to retain the atmosphere and charm of a small provincial town. A large village, you could say. The city has three universities: Lajos Kossuth (founded in 1912, housed in a Protestant college in 1550); Debrecen University of Medicine (1951); Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences (1868). Besides this, you can find a library, a zoo, and an observatory. Another attraction is the Deri Museum, with paintings by O.M. Munkacsi (1844-1900). Furthermore, you can find a collection of mounted local water birds and archaeological art from the Greek, Roman, Egyptians times, amongst more. In the city centre you can moreover find several beautiful churches such as St. Anna Church, the Kistemplom (oldest church in the city) and the Nagytemplom.