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Quietness, nature and space. Both the relaxed and active traveler will enjoy themselves at our B&B.

During your stay at Tisza Topic you will automatically adjust to a relaxing rhythm. Poszlo is a place where you can live in the past and the small village with unpaved roads is serene and tranquil. Sometimes, you feel like the world has stopped turning in Poszlo. The area has four beautiful seasons, is full of traditions and local products. You can visit many surroundings and don’t have to sit still. However, if preferred, you can also enjoy your free time by relaxing at our heated pool or beautiful garden. This makes a visit to our B&B suitable for all types of travelers.

The Tisza Lake is on a walking distance. It could be seen as the Mekka for nature lovers, fishing and watersports. You can rent boats to fish or enjoy seeing the lake by foot. There is a cute and small beach where you can swim or rent a canoe or a water bike. Besides this, there is a walking trail, that shows you the lake from a different angle. You can arrange guided tours in order to fully understand the details and history of the lake. Already during the walk to the lake you will encounter many cute terraces and restaurants. In the shops and markets you will see the traditionalism of the area, still you can find whatever you could be in need of.
If you decide to stay in the area, you cannot miss out on the Eco - Center. This is the biggest fresh water aquarium in Europe. The Eco – Center is an entertaining zoo for children, with s stunning views of the surroundings. A visit to the watch-tower, where you can enjoy the stunning views over the village and the lake, makes your visit complete.

Moreover, there are many possibilities for biking in the area. You can easily explore the area with the e-bikes we rent out in our B&B. Around the lake there is a beautiful calm biking trail, but for the more adventurous bikers there is also the possibility to take the unpaved mountain trail. For a challenging trail, we recommend you to explore the Bukk mountain range trail.
The surrounding meadows are on walking distance, these endless plots of nature change during the seasons. If you walk through the fields filled with flowers you will hear no sounds but the birds or the wildlife that runs away once they hear you. If lucky, you can run into snakes or wild cats.

The spring is the perfect time to visit for bird-lovers. The area has a huge diversity of bird-species. In April, you can witness the spectacular flocks of birds, since thousands of cranes rest in the area in order to rest and get energy to fly further to their destinations. Moreover, storks build their nests in the village. Until July you can enjoy the nests of storks if you sit on our terrace
In the midst of June you can enjoy the Tisza mayfly, also known as the Tiszavirag. The Tiszavirag is a mayfly that looks like a dragonfly. You can find thousands of them, hatching out the river in June. During this spectacle, it looks like the flies are performing their love dances. This ritual is only for a few hours and after this, the flies die. Witnessing this special event is magical and only possible to observe in a few places in the world. Many nature lovers come to the area to experience this special event.
Our B&B is centrally located and close to many areas worth visiting (see the map). Lastly, there is many people that visit the area in order to visit dentist, since treatment has a high quality with low prices. If requested, we are very willing to assist in this.

We love providing tailored guidance in order to make every stay at our B&B unforgettable so do not hesitate to ask us any questions about the above mentioned.